Date, registration and abstract submission

14-18 October 2019 / Strasbourg & La Petite-Pierre


Registration: free but compulsory before 15 September 2019.

Abstract submission: before 31 July 2019.




Earth Observation (radar and optical satellites, LiDAR, photogrammetry) is used to acquire multi-view images of the Earth surface that are useful for understanding the deformation of the crust at several spatial and temporal scales. These deformations can be induced by natural (tectonics, volcanoes, landslides, cryosphere) or anthropogenic processes (stimulated reservoirs, pumping). The French and international community in Earth Observation has been very active in the use of Earth Observation data over the last twenty years, with the multiplication of sensors and platforms whose measurement characteristics are adapted to the processes being studied, and which, for the past 4 years, are associated with the Sentinel constellation which is distributed free of charge.



The series of seminars, initiated in 2010 (Aussois - October 2010, Les Houches - May 2011, Autrans - October 2013, Autrans - October 2015, Clermont-Ferrand - October 2017) aims at bringing together researchers, engineers and students, as well as representatives of space agencies (ESA, CNES, NASA, DLR, ASI). The topics of interest are:

  • radar interferometry and optical/radar image correlation (processing methods),
  • multi-source data combination and information extraction (assimilation, data mining)
  • exploitation of the observations for various applications (seismic cycle, volcanic cycle, landslides, cryosphere, superficial deformations related to anthropogenic activity), and;
  • on-line processing modes (platform, massive processing).

The seminar aims also at clustering specialists in satellite data processing, GNSS observations, stereo-photogrammetry and LiDAR point clouds, image processing, and the exploitation and mining of massive datasets. The objectives are to share fundamental and practical knowledge, to suggest new ideas and perspectives and to coordinate structuring actions with various international institutions (data centers, space agencies, Europe).


MDIS in details

The seminar is organized in two stages:

  • a 2.5-days Autumn School (organized in Strasbourg, on the premises of the University), whose objectives are to carry out demonstrations of analysis codes (satellite processing algorithms, modeling tools) through practical works;
  • a 2.5-days Conference (organized at La Petite Pierre), whose objectives are to present scientific results on the theme, with an organization in thematic sessions/ presentations (invited, abstract). The themes of the MDIS-2019 conference are focused on: (1) Satellite signal processing for information retrieval, (2) Geophysical interpretation of the deformation, (3) Future satellite misions, and massive big data processing.

The official language of the Autumn school and seminar is English.



The University of Strasbourg and the CNRS, through their research components (Institut de Physique du Globe - IPGS), observation and service (Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre) in geosciences, organize, in collaboration with CNES, ESA and BRGM, the 5th edition of MDIS  "Measurement of Surface Deformation by Earth Observation images" of the ForM@Ter solid Earth datacentre.


Organization committee

Jean-Philippe Malet (EOST/IPGS), Cécile Doubre (EOST/IPGS), Aline Déprez (EOST/A2S)

Michaelis Foumelis (BRGM/CNES/ESA - GeoHazard Office), Marcelo de Michele (BRGM), Daniel Raucoules (BRGM)


Scientific committee

Olivier Cavalié (Geoazur, Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis), Valérie Cayol (LMV, Université Clermont-Auvergne), Marie-Pierre Doin (ISTerre, Grenoble), Philippe Durand (CNES, Toulouse), Jean-Luc Froger (LMV, Université Clermont-Auvergne), Romain Jolivet (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris), Cécile Lasserre (LGLTPE, Lyon), Mathilde Radiguet (ISTerre, Grenoble), Emmanuel Trouvé (PolyTech Annecy/Chambéry), Odin Marc (ETH, Zurich), Catherine Proy (CNES), Floriane Provost (ESA/Esrin).




Former workshops

MDIS-2017, Clermont-Ferrand & Besse-en-Chandesse, 16-20 October 2017.

MDIS-2015, Autrans, 7-9 October 2015

MDIS-2013, Autrans, 17-18 October 2013

Ecole de Printemps EFIDIR, Les Houches, 1-6 May, 2011.

Atelier EFIDIR, Aussois, 1-2 April 2010.


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